152 Coxs Rd North Ryde NSW 2113 (Opposite Coxs Rd Mall & IGA)

St John’s Preschool

Contact the Preschool

Address: 152 Cox’s Road, North Ryde, 2113

Phone: (02) 9888 7835

Preschool mobile - emergency contacts only: 0466 458 445

Email: preschool@northrydeanglican.org.au

If you would like to visit to inspect the centre, please ring and book ahead. Booking times are generally available  9:30-11:00am Monday to Friday during school term.

Enrolled Families: Click to enter our online Daybook - Spot Class Room / Stripe Class room

About the Preschool

St John’s Preschool was established in 1970 by the Parish Council of St John’s Anglican Church, North Ryde. St John’s Preschool is a not-for-profit community based preschool and provides an  educational and care program for children aged 3 to 5 year olds.  St John’s  Preschool is funded and licensed by the  Department of Education and Community Services.

The philosophy of the preschool is founded on and shaped by Christian  beliefs and as a result we love and serve God in all that we do.

Children participate in Bible stories and daily    prayer and this is embedded in our daily routine. In addition to this twice a week the  children and educators attend a ‘mini’ church service run by ministry staff from the church. We regularly hold a preschool church service where all  families are invited to attend and join in the service.

Our staff team

All educators at St John’s Preschool are qualified early childhood educators.

The staff team consists of:

  • The Director/Early Childhood Teacher
  • Two Early Childhood Teachers
  • Four early childhood educators (Diploma trained)
  • Our Administrator
  • The team is assisted by ministry staff from North Ryde Anglican Church


It is recommended that children are placed on the waiting list as soon as possible. A non-refundable fee of $20 is payable along with the  application to cover administrative costs. Families will be contacted the year before their child is eligible to attend and invited to attend an information evening and  orientation morning. You may also be contacted during the year if a vacancy arises and your child is eligible to attend Preschool.

You are welcome to visit the Preschool during opening hours to find out more about our program and to go on our waiting list.

If you would like to visit to inspect the centre, please ring and book ahead. Booking times are generally available  9:30-11:00am Monday to Friday during school term.


Alternatively a waiting list application can be downloaded here and the non-refundable fee can be paid through PayPal:

Child's Name:
Contact phone number:


A deposit of four weeks' fee value is required upon  enrolment. This is  refundable at the end of the year. Please  contact the Preschool for information regarding the current daily fee.  The preschool receives funding for eligible children through the NSW Department of Education Start Strong funding model and families who hold a low income health care card are eligible for lower fees.


St John’s Preschool is licensed for 40  children per day. From the beginning of 2018, St John's North Ryde Preschool will offer a three day program and a two day program.

Three Day Program:  Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday 9am to 3pm

Two Day Program:     Thursday/Friday 8am to 3.30pm

The preschool is closed for school holidays.

Our program focuses on and encourages collaborative learning through play and hands on experiences and extends the  children’s learning and interest.

Statement of Philosophy

St John’s Preschool exists to serve a need in the community, through teaching and sharing God’s love. We are committed to providing high quality education and care in a Christian environment. We work in partnership with North Ryde Anglican Church to share the gospel with our community.

We strive to create an environment that is welcoming and caring, a place where children, families, educators and the community feel valued and respected – a place to belong.

We believe that all children have the right to high    quality education and care. Our program is designed to encourage all children to be actively involved in their own learning. We recognise the individuality of        children and strive to provide environments where  children are provided with the space and time to

explore, investigate and research. We believe children learn best through play where they have time to discover, develop and practice skills, make choices and have an opinion, take risks, experience success and learn from failures.

Our programs and environments, both indoor and    outdoor, are designed to be inclusive, promote competence, independent exploration and investigation, ensuring that children have adequate opportunities to engage in discovery and learning at their own pace and leisure.

As educators and staff, we seek to act in the best interest of children and families, providing a safe environment for children to grow, learn and develop. We are responsive to children’s interests, needs and strengths and draw on our understanding of child development and theories and the Early Years Learning Framework as the basis for education.

Educators are encouraged to constantly reflect on and evaluate the program, children’s learning and their own personal learning and goals.

At St John’s Preschool, we recognise that families are vital in children’s learning and seek to work in partnership with all families to ensure the best outcome for children. We seek to form strong relationships within our local community and value its role in educating and  preparing children to be active participants in the world in which they live.

We strive to be a community that is embedded in     sustainable practices, teaching the children, families and wider community how to be respectful and care for the environment and world around them.

At St John’s Preschool we are committed to continuously improving our practices and are dedicated to providing a nurturing, caring environment and community in which children, families, educators and staff can belong, be and become all that they can be.

Staff Team