152 Coxs Rd North Ryde NSW 2113 (Opposite Coxs Rd Mall & IGA)

Sunday Services

During the virus shut down we are still gathering together around God’s word via zoom and youtube. Some events will be live streamed, other events pre-uploaded.

You can join these scheduled 1hr meetings by clicking on the links below:

10am Service

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 271 655 712

Dial in: Call 02 8015 6011 then press 271 655 712# wait then #

Make a contact:

5pm: 0280156011,271655712#,,,#

5pm Service

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 714 726 718

Dial in: Call 02 8015 6011 then press 714 726 718# wait then #

Make a contact:

5pm: 0280156011,714726718#,,,#




If you miss our gatherings ‘live’, you can also catch up on our youtube channel.

Read our online ZOOM Manual here for instructions about setting up for our church

What will I need to get zoom working

  • A Phone, Tablet, iPad, Latop or Desktop Computer
  • An internet connection (1 hr of Zoom consumes a maximum of 1Gb of data) – if you are using a mobile phone data plan, we suggest a minimum 20GB data plane.
  • Download Zoom
  • Setup your free Zoom account (you will need an email address)
  • Click on the link above, or join the meeting using the Meeting ID