152 Coxs Rd North Ryde NSW 2113 (Opposite Coxs Rd Mall & IGA)


Oct 2, 2022 
PositionNorth Ryde Anglican (10am Gathering) 
Usher Children and Kids Church leaders into Auditorium
Ushering children / leaders / those in the foyer & playground into the Auditorium

Welcome to the service. 

Introduce yourself

In the event of an emergency please remain seated and follow instructions.

Location of Exit Doors & Toilets. Evacuation point is in the adjacent large playground.


Song #1
Song #2
Kids Spot

Kids Spot leader prays for the congregation at end of kids spot.

Await the service leader to invite the children to leave the building 'slowly and carefully' to both Kids Church and DG's (Disciple Ship Group)


Service leader to invite the children to stand and leave the building 'slowly and carefully' to both Kids Church and DG's (Disciple Ship Group)

Invite remaining adult to stand and greet those seated nearby

Church Notices

Notices as pre-arranged 

Slides and Video's in proclaim

Refer to the bulletin

Invite newcomers to complete a welcome card

Confession / Liturgy
Confession Readings and Prayers

We are the people of God.  
The Scripture reminds us that we still sin.  
We need to confess our failures, knowing that Jesus intercedes for us with the Father, who freely forgives us. 
So let us draw near to God with sincerity and confidence.

Almighty God, our heavenly Father,
we have gone our own way,
not loving you as we ought,
nor loving our neighbour as ourselves. We have sinned against you in thought, word and deed and in what we have failed to do.

We deserve your condemnation.
Father, forgive us.
Help us to love you and our neighbour, and to live for your honour and glory;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Our God fulfils his promises 
and is true to his word.
We have confessed our sins.
God has forgiven us,
because Christ died for us.

If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.  If we confess our sins, he who is faithful and just will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
 (1 John 1:8-9)


Give thanks to the Lord,
for he is good.

His steadfast love endures forever!

Bible Reading #1
Bible Reading #2

Ensure that the Lecturn area is clear for incoming preacher.

Sermon recording commences as soon as the computer operator goes to the 'sermon slide' of Proclaim

Song #3
Apostles Creed

Invite Congregation to be seated

Service Leader leads the congregation in the Lord's Prayer

Invite rosted Prayer to the lecturn

Lead Congregation in closing prayers:


Be exalted, Lord, above the heavens
let your glory cover the earth.

Keep our nation under your care,
and guide us in justice and truth.

Let your way be known on earth,
your saving power among all nations.


Send out your light and truth
that we may tell of your saving works.

Hear our prayers, O Lord,
for we put our trust in you.

Song #4

Invite Congregation to stand for the closing and offertory song.

"Please stand for our final song. During the singing of the church a bag will be distributed through the rows. If you are a visitor, you are welcome to pass the bag along. For our regulars, please be generous in sorting the mission of our church. You can either contribute through cash or through our preferred methods of electronic giving as explained in the bulletin"

Grace and Sending Out

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
and the love of God, 
and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, 
be with us all evermore. 


Go in peace to love and serve the Lord
In the name of Christ. Amen.

Service Leader and preacher walk to the door and invite peope to join us for morning tea
North Ryde Anglican (10am Mandarin Service)
WelcomersNerida P. 
Morning TeaNerida P. 
Bible Reader 1Dawn L. 
Bible Reader 2Edmond L. 
Morning Tea AssistantShirley L. 
Proclaim-ComputerJames P. 
PrayerSusan A.Emily L.
Service Leader Simon P.
Preacher Simon P.
Reader 1 NING L.
Welcomer Lilian P.
 Oct 2, 2022 
North Ryde Anglican (10am Gathering)North Ryde Anglican (10am Mandarin Service)