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NRG Day 5 Blog - Friday 13th July 2018


As NRG 2018 comes to a conclusion, our team still had one last action gill-ed day of fun and praise.


The anticipated ending of Captain Perry Scope and Professor C. Urchin’s adventure wrapped up today as they continue to find Atlantis, while Ellyce kelp-ed Zach get off the sin chair. The kids helped Munch learn today’s colour, gold, which represents spending eternity in heaven with God and came up with some wonderful actions for our weekly verse, Romans 6:23. The morning rounded off with a game of ‘fill the bucket’ where first round victory went to the Year 1 Boys and second round going to the Year 4 girls, congratulations guys!


During our electives the Nerf crew played a match of territories, as well as revisited their favourite games of the week. The craft team had some foil-applied stickers which they used to make bookmarkers and cards while the cooking guys baked and decorated a massive ocean-themed cake. The computers group continued their tournament from yesterday and the sports teams played some matches of touch footy capture the flag.


Sarah also told our team one of the most important tips for being a great leader, to ‘be ready to learn’, to keep an open mind and like Spongebob, absorb the knowledge surrounding you.


Concluding our amazing week, the leaders organised a fair for the kids with a wide variety of stalls including a haunted house, a drawing competition, a sponge throwing arena and a plethora of prizes. Alongside the fair was a parent presentation featuring our favourite songs, Captain Scope & Professor Urchin and a review of what we’ve learnt during the week. Additionally, a video presentation of the dance and drama elective’s fabulous work was shown receiving a round of a-claws from the parents. The leaders also worked extremely hard helping clean up around the church and we finished in record time, thank you so much guys, you’re all shiny starfishes.

NRG Blog Day 4 - Thursday 12th July 2018


The seas were foggy this morning on day 4 of NRG but our vision was crystal clear as the lighthouse continues to guide us.


The adventures of the Captain and the Professor continued this morning, encountering a fearsome creature as they perilously pursue Atlantis. Ellyce also demonstrated how Jesus cleanses us by explained that today’s colour, white, represents how he washed away our sins. They also practiced their balancing skills with an egg-and-spoon race where ultimate victory went to the Kindergarten Boys team, congratulations to them!


Going into the electives, the crafters finished off their stunning designs from Tuesday, while the drama team begun filming their play for tomorrow’s krill-ing presentation. The dance team finished off their performance and are ready to splash around tomorrow, while the computer group befriended one another through a Super Smash Brothers tournament. The nerf crew practiced their aim on a crafty shooting range and the sports team warmed up with a game of Pacman before diving into some matches. Finally, the little chefs made some Australian staples, warm vegemite scrolls and delicious chocolate crackles.


After running around in a wild game of Silver Spoon, Sarah taught our young leaders that no matter the circumstances, they can always turn to God for help. Afterwards, Joseph explained to them the two ways of living our lives, either our own way, or the righteous way of God, which is achieved through following Jesus.


Our destination is just around the corner as another great day of NRG ends. However, there is still a bit of a wave to go, with another full on day planned tomorrow that is flooding with stalls, games and excitement.


NRG Day 3 Blog - Wednesday 11th July 2018

It was another great day of NRG 2018 today and as we reach the middle of the week there is still no sign of anyone slowing down.

Ellyce explained to the kids that God has a plan for everyone, just as she had a plan to dress her dog up as a lobster, while Captain Perry Scope swam into some trouble as his submarine stopped working. Our fuzzy friend Munch had some trouble getting up this morning but our team woke him up and explained to him that today’s colour, red, represents Jesus dying for our sins. Once again, the group showed off their great communication skills by playing a fast-paced game of tunnel ball.

Splashing into the electives, the dance crew flawlessly recited their moves from yesterday, while the craft group painted with pasta and made a mess with some clay. The computer team had a great time relaxing while the sports team shot some hoops with basketball and netball. The nerf squad harmonised with some teamwork games while the drama guys started practicing the second half of their play. Finally, the cooking team got fired up, baking some banana bread and creating a spin on the classic sausage rolls, ‘sausage mummies’.

Sarah continued to perilously teach the crew how be great leaders by explaining to them the fin-ificance of teamwork which was put to the test in an intense game of dodgeball. Afterwards, Joseph told everyone the secret on how to fit an entire Big Mac in your mouth, but more importantly, he explained how Jesus proved that he is the true son of God through his resurrection.

The seas were calm and clear today as we cruise through another perfect day of NRG. Looking out the porthole, we’ve just past the halfway mark but there’s still plenty more fun as the week continues.

NRG Blog Day 2 - Tuesday 10th July 2018

The oceans were chilly this morning at NRG day 2 but the kids quickly warmed up by the wide assortment of morning games that our wonderful leaders organised.

Our lovely storyteller Ellyce told the kids about how sin impacts our lives as one of the leaders, Zach, got stuck on the sin chair, showing us the impossibility of escaping sin. We regrouped with the captain and the professor who ran into a couple of fish-ues, while the team told our friend Munch about how the colour black can represent sin. Everyone also participated in a memory game, where they tested their accura-sea by successfully reciting Romans 6:23. Afterwards, the kids engaged in an action-packed sack race, where victory went to the Year 3 Girls team. Congratulations to them!

During the electives, the drama group started learning the play they will perform at the end of the week, while the dance squad practiced the moves they learnt yesterday, started some new ones and cooled down with some f-interesting games. The sports teams got into some proper matches of soccer and netball, while the nerf group learnt to work as a team with some games of capture the flag and king of the hill. Our crafters learnt some papier-mâché skills, utilising them on some balloons which will turn into hot air balloons or animals later this week. Finally, the cooking team created some delicious Vietnamese rice paper rolls, as well as some coconut chocolate truffles for dessert.

As for our junior leaders, Sarah continued to suf-fish-ently train them into becoming fantastic leaders by teaching them how to take initiative in their actions, while Joseph reminded them about how Jesus washed away our sins.

After another wonderful day of NRG, all of the kids and leaders were exhausted from an exhilarating session of games and praise. The best way to phrase it is to say it went swimmingly.

NRG Day 1 Blog - Monday 9th July 2018


It’s been a full year of excitement and anticipation but it’s time to set sail as the Ocean Themed NRG 2018 has finally kicked off.

The kids dived straight into the action, making new friends in their huddle groups and joining in the adventures of Captain Perry Scope and Professor C. Urchin. Following that was a wonderful tale by our storyteller, Ellyce, about what happened during the days it took for God to create our world. The kids also participated in a classic game of boy’s verses girl’s tug-of-war, where the scores were evenly split across the genders. Our awesome leaders were just urchin to get into a game as well, with the victory going towards the boys. As usual our fuzzy friend Munch made a late appearance but the kids brought him up to speed by reminding him that God made our world perfect.

Shifting into the electives, the Drama team warmed up with a variety of games like bus stop and space jump, while the computers group expelled some leftover energy with NBA and Roblox. Drawing inspiration from Ellyce’s story, the cooking crew baked some earth shaped cupcakes, while the sports team kicked off their week with some matches of soccer, netball and basketball. Our dancers stretched up and begun learning the moves for their grand performance at the end of the week, while the nerf group loaded up and fought on the battlefield in a game of team elimination. The leaders did a krill-iant job at helping set up these electives, supervising the younger kids and encouraging them to join in all the fun.

Just like our world, the first day of NRG went perfectly, but it’s not over yet as the ship has only just left shore. There’s plenty more fun and excitement to go around as the week continues.

NRG Training Day Blog - Sunday 8th July 2018


With the Ocean themed NRG just around the corner, the only thing left to do is to stop seahorse-ing around and whip our young leaders into shape to prepare them for the challenging week ahead.

Our team reunited with old friends and created new ones, while adjusting nicely into their groups and tasks. There responsibilities were clearly outlined as they learnt how to be outstanding role models, efficiently handle the various electives, created entertaining games to get the kids involved and showed us how to boogie like a superstar-fish with their awesome dance moves.

Our hoodies are on, pictures have been taken and the atmosphere is flooding with infinite exhilaration. With clear skies and plenty of sunshine planned, it’s looking like a perfect week to teach kids about the glory of our Lord. I can guarantee you, it will be turtle-y amazing.

the Zone – HSC Study Room

HSC Study Room

Mon 8 - Sat 13th October 2018 


152 Coxs Rd North Ryde (Opposite IGA)

What is provided by the Zone
Your own study table (1.8 x .7m) in our
air-conditioned, carpeted auditorium
Your own power point
HiSpeed Wifi Access / limited printing
Secure keypad entry
CCTV security
Onsite Parking

Food provided by the Zone
All day healthy snacks

Zone Fridge space


Who runs the Zone
Program directed by John Chappell (B.Sc, B. Ed, B.D, MA). After completing a Physics degree, John was a secondary Physics / Chemistry teacher. John is now the Senior Minister at St John’s Anglican Church.
John & the Zone team will deliver 10 minute Motivational Bible talks during meals

Relaxation at the Zone
Ping pong tables / Music Jam Room
Network Game PC lab – PS4 /Wii
Onsite Badminton / Volleyball /Basketball
Located within Cox’s Road Mall precinct
Optional 2hr day time experiences
including Bushwalks, Swimming, Time Zone, Bowling, Macquarie Uni Seminar

Tutoring /Mentoring at the Zone
Quiet personal study and revision is the default mode of the Zone
Some experienced HSC teachers / Uni
Students maybe available at times for
one-to-one tuition, small group help
Site includes a number of break out areas where you can arrange onsite visits form your own privately arranged tutors.
Adjacent to North Ryde Library
Students develop own study plan and zone staff assist students meeting their own goals

Located on 286, 287 288. 297, 506, 533, 534 and M41 bus routes. 15 minute walk Macquarie Park Station

NSW Transport Trip Planning Website

Facility Hire

Facility Hire – St John’s North Ryde Anglican Church

Click here to download this document as PDF

2018 Pricing

Auditorium Hire:              $70 / hour

Halls #1 / #2:                     $60 / hour

Playground #1:                 $50/hr

Playground #2:                 $25/hr

Computer Lab:                  $75/hr

Additional discounted rates negotiated for regular users

All users need appropriate insurance. For casual users this can be arranged for one off events through our Diocesan insurer at $61 inc GST per event. Download and submit THIS FORM.

Rate Policy

The Wardens annually conduct a comparison venue review to establish 2018 prices. Please note that St John’s does not have a minimum hour policy, nor does it require cleaning at the end of hire. Regular users can apply to the wardens to seek a discount on hourly hire based on regular rental.

St John’s has a proud tradition of supporting community and not-for-profit activities free of charge. If you are interested in using the property for a not-for-profit or community event, please contact us. The wardens will review your request and either wave fees or suggest a discounted rate.


St Johns is located within the North Ryde / Macquarie Park development corridor at 152 Coxs Rd North Ryde.

The site is 1.3km from Macquarie Park Station, 1.5km from North Ryde Station. Macquarie Centre is 1.8km away and Top Ryde is 2.2km away.

The site is serviced by a bus stop in front of the church with 288 / 297 / 506 bus routes to the city. Additional bus routes travel along Lane Cove Rd (200m walk) and Wicks Rd (300m walk).

Auditorium. Dimensions 21x9m (189m2)

Floor: Commercial grade woollen carpet with Dunlop heavy duty underlay.

The auditorium seats 200 guests comfortably (250 max). We have cushioned seating for 150 and conference seats for an additional 100. 100 guests can be seated around tables. Venue can be configured in Landscape or Portrait mode.

The auditorium has full multimedia facilities including 3 x 5000 lumen projectors, DMX Lighting, 12 Channel mixer with digital effects, Two x in-floor multicore with breakout boxes.  Access (by arrangement) to our Kawai professional weighted keyboard / drum kit can be arranged. 100mbps Broadband wifi (with full AppleTV connectivity to projectors) is included at no extra charge. Photocopying is also available in the adjacent office area for a reasonable price.

2 x 20kW air reverse cycle air conditioning units – delivering excellent heating and cooling for all year comfort.

Hall 1 (kitchen) and Hall 2. Dimensions of each hall 13x9m (117m2).

4000 Lumen projector, PA and wall mounted mixer. Apple TV, Free Wifi included. DMX lighting.

Both halls have non-slip tarquet vinyl flooring.

Easy exit to undercover courtyard / playground #1.

Each room has a 20kW reverse cycle air-conditioner installed.


150+ Sebel conference chairs

150+ Civic Merit Chair (stackable and linkable)

60+ Blow Mould tables (W:736 H:736 L:1835)


St John’s has 2 playgrounds available for hire. Both playgrounds are child safe with accredited soft fall and play areas.

Playground #1: 30x20m (600m2) has a public address system and Airplay sound system. It caters for outdoor events of 300. Gates can be opened to give a total area of 2000m2 for fetes / community activities. Large Shade Sails for sun protection and excellent night time lighting are features of this area.

Playground #2: 20x7m (140m2) is a smaller purpose built playground. It has a kitchenette installed with fridge, dishwasher and sound system.

Computer Lab

The onsite lab houses 20 Windows based PC’s, large whiteboard and multimedia projector / sound system. All machines have Win10 64 installed, along with Microsoft Office 2016 professional. A PS4 and Wii are also installed in the lab. In addition to the 20 desktops, there are 10 laptops available on a caddy.

The room has its own powerful air-conditioning unit.

The lab has been historically used for Computing for Seniors, introductory coding classes. It also serves as a venue to play networked games.

All PC’s can access 100Mbs broadband, and can be centrally configured for web-access restrictions remotely. The room is serviced by reliable 5Ghz wifi.

Regular users are welcome to install their own password protected login / software under site license.


St John’s has a marked disabled spot in the car park. The site is completely flat – there are no steps on the majority of the property. A disabled toilet is available in Hall #2. The Auditorium has a hearing loop installed which can be used if required.

A portable De-Fib machine (Samaritan® PAD 500P Defibrillator with CPR Advisor) is located next to the First Aid Cabinet in the foyer.


Venue hire includes access to kitchen, foyer, main toilets, playground #2 and access to our car park (11 car spots). Additional access to our overflow car park (parking 20 vehicles double parked) is available on arrangement. Exclusive access to the car park can be arranged. There is ample 2hr parking in the adjacent car park and shopping centres. Sunday parking untimed.


The church has a 24kW (max) Enphase solar panel system on 2 roofs.

We encourage recycling through our preschool programs and onsite composting.

We encourage all groups to minimise waste. Small amounts of waste (one small office bin) can be sorted into our onsite red and yellow bins (into kitchen). It is the responsibility of large event hirers to remove all waste offsite. Access to our onsite bins is strictly prohibited.


During school terms, our onsite preschool operates from 9-3pm. During these hours, Hall #1, Hall #2 and Playground #1 are unavailable. However, the auditorium and Playground #2 can be hired.

Non school term time the entire site is available for rent. Areas can be secured allowing businesses / community groups the ability to lock the property so that conferences, product seminars and other users can leave displays / room arranged as desired.


The onsite kitchen is semi-commercial. It has 2 sinks, 2 ovens (4 separate oven zones), 2 dishwashers, plenty of bench space, large French door fridge and additional 300L fridge in the chair store room.

There are sets of white Corelle dinner plates, bowls and side plates (100+ settings). Hirers are welcome to use as long as rinsed, stacked into dishwasher, and cleaning cycle commenced. There are over 100+ matching glass cups. Hirers will need to verify exact numbers in advance to avoid disappointment.

St John’s is located conveniently within the Cox’s Rd retail area. There are three cafes’ within 100m of the property which cater and can deliver platters / hot food onsite. Great for a break between seminars.

More photos are available on our website at – including Facebook pages for both church and preschool.


Commencing 2018 regular hirers will receive promotion space on our website and a promotional sentence displayed on our onsite electronic sign, seen by over 2000 pedestrians per day and an additional 20,000 road users (Cox’s Rd is a local transport thoroughfare servicing 3 bus routes, numerous school pickup buses and commuter traffic)


Regular users will be given access to some onsite lockable storage.

Site Access

External users are given a unique electronic pass code. The site is covered via CCTV. There is excellent night time lighting and covered walkways  for shelter during rain.


Past property Hirers include:

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). Community Liason / information sessions and multimedia presentations

Screen for Life. Onsite week long hire utilising both halls for medical diagnostic purposes

Australian Girls Choir. Weeknight and Saturday rehearsals

North Ryde Public School. GotIt! Parent and children term long information and training sessions

References available from some past users on request.


St John’s Anglican Church North Ryde

152 Coxs Rd North Ryde 2113

Ph: 02 8004 0513



Gingerbread House

Come along and decorate a traditional Christmas Gingerbread House and find out more about the real meaning of Christmas!

When: Saturday 9th Dec, 3 – 5.30pm

Where: North Ryde Anglican Church Hall, Cox’s Rd.

Cost: $30 (includes house kit, lolly decorations, wrapping, afternoon tea)

What to bring: Apron

Bring along your kids – there will be a separate supervised kids program where each child makes their own Gingerbread Star Christmas Tree. Cost per child $10. Pre-Registration essential.

Bookings essential as places are limited, please book ASAP.


For more info or any questions contact Kylie Chappell -

Reformation Series – October 2017

Reformation Series 2017

  • 8th Oct          Reformation: Faith Alone
  • 15th               Reformation: Grace Alone
  • 22nd              Reformation: Bible Alone
  • 29th               Reformation: Christ Alone

Join us at church every Sunday in October 2017 as we work towards the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. Find out what the word 'protest' means in the word 'protestant'.

Our church gatherings are at 10am and 5pm. 

What to wear: Casual. What to bring: No need to bring anything, but an electronic device maybe helpful. What happens? We hear an address, a bible passage is read out, we sing songs. You won't be asked to read the bible aloud or to pray in public.

Our 10am meeting includes kids church and a youth program. It concludes with morning tea.

Our 5pm meeting includes a youth program, and finishes with an optional $3 dinner.

Love you to Join us!


St John’s North Ryde is keen to partner with you in the next steps of your training.
Located in the Macquarie Park / North Ryde Growth corridor, you will have the opportunity to research, learn and reflect on reaching a rapidly changing suburb with the great news of Jesus.

We are currently connecting with around 2-3 new families per week and would love to pray and partner with you as we endeavour to make disciples of Jesus.

Over the last 10 years the parish has trained around 20 student ministers, MTS and year 13 students.
Training occurs in relationship with full time staff and other trainees. We meet on Sundays at 3pm for regular training / staff meeting.

There are a number of unique ministries at St John’s:
BLAST, our Friday kids after school club with 90 attending from 5 different local schools
ONSITE Christian preschool with dedicated missional staff and 90 families – most from families with limited Christian connection
NRG – Mid year holiday kids club with over 300 attending
Summerfest – Annual NTE Mission in partnership with Macquarie University CU

We have also adopted a ‘purpose driven’ hybrid model where 11 teams (paid and unpaid led) endeavour to work together for God’s glory within our church and mission community.

We include training in Elvanto, Proclaim, Adwords, WordPress, Desktop Publishing to extend ministry connection.

Our commitment to training includes paying trainees at the standard diocesan rates along with reimbursing for additional ministry training expenses.

St John’s is a 25 minute drive from Moore College & SMBC and is on the door step of Morling College. Heaps of parking onsite and in the adjacent car parks. The church door step has regular buses to the city, Top Ryde, Chatswood and Macquarie Centre. The train station is 10 mins walk away.

We would love to talk to you further about how we can partner together in helping you to be the man or woman who can prepare and equip the saints for service.

Yours in Christ,

John & Kylie Chappell – 0403 812 782


Seniors Activities 2017

Join us for the following:

Date Time Activity
15/07/2017 Meet @ Church -car pool 11.30am Lunch @ Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club - 117 Ryedale Rd West Ryde
19/08/2017 Meet @ Church -car pool 11.00am Lunch @ Eurotaste Top Ryde Shopping Centre 
16/09/2017 Meet @ Church -car pool 9.30am BBQ @ Lane cove River Park BYO Water
21/10/2017 Meet @ Church -car pool 9.30am BBQ @ Buffalo Creek Park Park BYO Water
18/11/2017 Meet @ Restaurant 6.00pm Pre Christmas Dinne - Noble Terrace Chinese - Coxs Rd North Ryde
16/12/2017 10.00 am - 2.00 pm Board Games @ Robert Taylors - 28 Wicks Rd North Ryde - Board Games

Contact our office on (02) 9878 3974 to register.

Alternately, you can contact Glenn on


Jan 27, 2019 
PositionNorth Ryde Anglican ()North Ryde Anglican (10am Gathering)
Warden Chris A.
Service Leader John C.
Preacher John C.
Welcomers Kylie C.
Morning Tea Heather M.
Bible Readers Chris A.
Glenn W.
Sound Desk Elizabeth F.
Computer Rick I-Chi W.
Prayer Peter F.
Singing Mark C.
Piano Rachel S.

 Jan 27, 2019 
North Ryde Anglican ()North Ryde Anglican (10am Gathering)

BLAST kids club

BLAST Kids Club - Fridays 3-5pm

BLAST operates every Friday during public school terms. It is run by a team of 10 ministry staff and volunteers including trained teachers and health professionals. All leaders have been trained and screened as per NSW regulations.

The program includes afternoon tea, bible stories, singing, music, games, activities, craft. We can provide allergy friendly food given notice.

The program continues to grow in both size and quality. Around 90 attend each week.

Children in school years K-6 are welcome to attend. Children attend from our local schools including North Ryde Public School, Holy Spirit, Truscott St, Kent Rd, Ryde East and North Cross.

The cost is $30 per term or $4 casual. We require each child / family to complete a  REGISTRATION FORM each year.  

It greatly assists us if you can pay for the term online via credit card / paypal. If you have move than one child attending, and require a family discount, use the word 'family' in the discount field.

Click HERE to pay for Term 4 2018